Guesss the placeeeeeeee ?

Hope your March has treated you all pretty well. Let’s hope we all have a productive and a happy April. Yea I might be writing about my travel and stuff but one amazing and important moment I wouldn’t forget my entire life is the release of Wing Commander Abi of the Indian Airforce from Pakistan. I am glad that I could witness such an amazing thing that would live in history for the time to come. So proud and glad he is back to India. Long live the armed forces.

Should we be getting back to our business 😛 Well yea once I was done wandering Los Angeles. Got the cheapest flight ever to the desired destination of any person of my age. The ticket was $38 one way since I was getting back to San Francisco from there.  The place still holds the best artificial place I have ever liked in all the places I have ever roamed. I’ll be honest I have been to this place 6 times, yet always had an amazing time every time I visited 😊 Alright no more holding on to the Place – It is none other than the land of Casino, superficial life, exotic restaurants, and you can imagine the rest after seeing what’s the place. Should I reveal? Have you guys guessed it already? Yea my friends it is the land of impossibilities being a possibility – THE VEGASSSSSSS.


The Flight view 🙂

The moment I stepped out of the Flight and walked up to the airport until I can view, all I saw was the Casinos (Picture above). I was really surprised to see how amazing and cool this place is gonna be. I didn’t book a rental as the prices were damn high and I felt the process was tedious without a credit card. But mostly all hotels have shuttle services in Vegas. One important fact you guys must remember while booking a hotel in Vegas is that how close are the hotels from the strip (The main street where all the attractions and happening places are) and does your hotel have the shuttle to drop and pick up from the strip if away from the strip. All said and done, my hotel picked me from the airport.

For all those who think Vegas is expensive, well yes, it is but you can always have a budget trip when planned and executed the right way. The hotels are really cheap but the resort fee is a pain in the ass and still haven’t figured why all the hotels have it until it is worth it. For me, this trip was full of surprises as being the first time to Vegas. I check in at the reception at Palace Station Casino and the receptionist explains me the way to my room like the biggest maze ever. I start my walk to my room and it doesn’t end passing through multiple casinos, restaurants and finally inquiring with a couple of people I reach my room. I enter I switch on the Television it says welcome, Mr. Praveen. What’s your selection with a list of Adult movies. I was like whaaaaatttttt…. The shock never stopped until I ended this plot of the trip.

Got ready after a quick shower, dressed up and boarded the hotel’s shuttle to the strip. I’ll be honest at that point I haven’t watched a lot of Hollywood movies so I just had slightest ideas of Vegas, how would it be. The moment the shuttle dropped at a corner of the strip, I started walking to the strip and I was just awestruck. I couldn’t take my eyes of the lights. Never seen a place so lit, I swear never ever. In Vegas, every evening is just like this and not to speak about the weekends that get even brighter and better. I was really tired and I was sure I couldn’t walk up the whole strip. So I chose to go to the night club and chill at a couple of casinos. I was pretty late already but the crowd was just viral, make it every penny worth 😛

The night went on and on and on. Finally, I got out at somewhere around 5 am, went to my hotel and crashed. I don’t even remember when did I wake up. That was a pretty amazing first night in Vegas. Followed which there was no chance of breakfast, so then the lunch. My taste buds called out Indian, I didn’t have a car so just got to figure out the nearest Indian restaurant. It was totally worth the $10 buffet. I never thought I would stuff in so much 😛 However I was pumpe for the Saturday night, I needed more sleep. You all know I don’t have to remind you guys. Everything is pretty dead in the morning at Vegas. So I chose to sleep a few more hours.

WOW, that was my last night in Vegas. I was pretty pumped to get to the Strip. I just think pictures can speak my walk from 6 pm in the evening to 4.30 am in the morning the next day to every beautiful place possible in Vegas. I barely remember the exact counts of steps but I am sure it was more than 15000 steps. I am totally being honest if at all it should be more than that.

It was one fun experience, For all those who think Vegas is pretty expensive. It is not and my next blog is about “Vegas in the right Budget”. It is a place where you choose how you wanna discover it either balling or budgeting.

See you guys until next blog and one more interesting thing is gonna start up soon. Can’t wait to let you guys know about it “EEEEEEE super pumped for it ” : )

Love <3




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