Phases of Life /travel – PART 1

Hey y’ all, hope my first post was interesting and a base to get to know me.

Well knowing about me is a good step to start isn’t?

Let’s get into detail to check out where all I have traveled. You know what, I actually spared so much of time to check out for myself where all I have been since my childhood even before I knew what traveling actually meant.

“Statutory warning: Please don’t get sick of my blog because of my teenage pics, yes even I feel embarrassed sharing them.”


The Mini-me <3

Started as a child, going with the family to different places during the summer holidays, the only longest vacation we all get. (Hope you guys too would have experienced this ). When I was 15 years I started traveling alone, usually for breaks from the military residential boy’s school ( SchoolsLink ).

I went to residential school when I was 12 years old. The start to a life of being independent of making my bed in the morning to washing my clothes in the weekend.  Only thing I understood back then was, I was happy being independent, yea the freedom meant something to me. Even after 10 years, I am still not able to put them into words.

Travel areas – Mostly part of India (During my days before college)

  • To start with a state I was born Tamil Nadu   (Madurai, Trichy, Chennai, Kanyakumari, Tuticorin, Kanyakumari, Rameshwaram, Coimbatore, Tanjore, Ooty, Kodaikanal and Pondicherry all that I can remember as of now 😛 )
  • Kerala – Idukki
  • Karnataka – Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Bijapur.
  • Maharashtra – Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala.
  • Telangana – Hyderabad.
  • Odisha – Bhubaneswar, Puri, and Cuttack.
  • Rajasthan – Jaipur.
  • Uttar Pradesh – Agra.
  • Delhi – New Delhi.
  • Haryana – Panipat, Chandigarh.
  • Punjab – Amritsar, Wagah Border.
  • Himachal Pradesh – Shimla, Manali.
  • Jammu&Kashmir – Rothang Pass, Katra
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

I am gonna write about few of these places which I believe I still remember what I saw, experienced and had fun in my childhood. This is still a very minimal part of India that I have covered, as the country is vast, beautiful and multicultural. I suppose this would have been my thought, “Get done with my final exams and get me outta here for the summer”. But didn’t understand by then what exposure meant? why did that change make me happy? Why did my family get to me to these places? When I think back today, everything makes so much sense to me 🙂

My childhood days went pass like this; never knew that day I was making memories nor that I would be writing about this at 1 am burning the midnight oil. Done with school by then caught in the whirlwind of marks, grades, colleges, admissions etc. I don’t even want to think about that awful moments now. I had the beautiful set of friends, which I still have after 13 years… Now they aren’t friends, they are family…

                                                    The few shades of adolescent ME 😛 

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If you think it’s more of a personal info that I am sharing, nope it’s not. Maybe most of you would have had a similar experience of a family vacation, summer trips and stuff like that, especially if you were from India. Well, you wouldn’t have traveled a lot or you didn’t get a chance either. Better late than never.

Stay tuned for how things changed for me ………. <3

PS: No more adolescent pics guys, haha

I should definitely thank my mom – She retrieved all the pics from drive because of my consistent bothering, being up way past her bedtime. (Ma, don’t complain I made you work – I gave you credits for your contribution 😛 )

See you guy’s next blog. Happy hardworking and an amazing week ahead of the pretty chill weekend 🙂





13 thoughts on “Phases of Life /travel – PART 1

  1. Macha you are making to remember, all out school days memories.

    Thank you Praveen SP . Words are good .

  2. Very well narrated with apt pictures.

    There is a need to encourage our children to document their activities – else they will end like me – difficult to recollect all the happenings in childhood- places visited – books read – arguments with friends/teachers – fights over flimsy issues – frustrations of teenage – rebellious attitude to parents – nonacceptance of religion – anger against the society and so on.

    This author also seem to share the very same predicament.

    1. Remind My Childhood Days machan and I was thinking in my life how many places
      Iam visited?? From your words I know travel is a best thing in our life. Had a great time with your words Praveen. Hats off you machan keep rock 💪🏾

  3. Nice wrk da…as we all know history😂 can be only remembered through pictures and post….keep it up sp😍😍

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