How and where it all started…


Yes, I wanted to write my first blog, A millions of things running in my mind, sitting at the far west of a country which gave me so much of confidence and made me understand how to live a life what you have. Well, now I am at El Matador beach, near Los Angeles (You would be knowing if you were following me in Insta). I wish to be little different from the rest of the bloggers (I really wish, lol – no promises) – I am gonna try to be as natural as possible, writing the sound of my heart.





Let me narrate a story of myself. Praveen, a mechanical engineering masters graduate who moved to a land 10 thousand miles away from home with so much of aspiration and dreams. Did I accomplish them?
Well, I still don’t know the answer to that question, but what it is giving me is a beautiful travel experience and a true life experience.

As of today, I have traveled 6 countries and almost 42 states in the United States, which is basically three times of geographic size to my motherland India. I was born and brought up in India till my bachelors were completed. A very average student keeps dreaming of doing something new and challenging every single day and improves me every single moment.

I started traveling 3 years back, Didn’t know that day I would love traveling this much, but it has been a beautiful journey. I would love my friends and travel family to see through my blog, social media to travel with me virtually and have the same beautiful experience. fullsizeoutput_2c44

My blog would be mostly traveling, beautiful places, road trips, friends, parties, and lifestyle. I am sure to bring all the readers the joy of spending their valuable time in reading my blog. At any point in time, I would love to hear your suggestions, comments and your criticism. 

PS: Fun fact, I love playing field hockey, been playing this beautiful sport for more than 12 years. I was playing for a club in Miami and now I play for a club in Los Angeles. (I might write a few blogs about this if you are a sports fan 😛 )

“Live the life, you want to live and NOT the life someone wants you to live”.


Happy weekend peeps 🙂




25 thoughts on “How and where it all started…

    1. Awesome write up da..🙌🏼 doing great travels bro & feeling great to know uve covered six countries da..ib been following u for a very long time bro..thanks for taking us viritually 😍 , keep up da 🖐️

  1. Its great to read your first travel blog. Yes it will be interesting to continue reading your travel stories and about your life. All the best in continuing to write. I will be one of your follower reading your travel stories.

    1. Way to go Praveen… my best wishes for ur future expeditions… you should pen down ur heart when you are in different parts of the world and one day when u turn back and see your life will be so beautiful and meaningful and its really great to knw ur feelings and thoughts when u r witnessing a different culture, to be precise a different civilization all together. Capture each and every memory of yours and post it… start to write about the people you meet and if you start to write about their culture,guess it goes pages…you can actually write a lot…make it interesting… All the very best… 🙂


  2. Good one Praveen SP , Enjoy the trip , Fly like Phoenix and make Yourself and India proud .

    My great wishes for your 1st Blog

    Your nanban


  3. Thambi, I do not read much blogs, since it was an Amaravian I went through your blog. Nice, experience shared from heart. The hockey from our school right ?. Live the way you want. May God bless you to travel more and write more blogs. Welcome to China. Mohanraj, 2228, Cholan, 1991 batch.

  4. Nice to see you discover yourself. Great job Praveen. Awesome write up. If possible Vlog it it will be cool.

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